Dinkins Collection

Dr. Larry Dinkins has published a number of academic articles and other papers on the subjects of ‘Orality’ and ‘Simply the Story’. This page is an attempt to pull together a list of Larry’s writings.

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Larry Dinkins along with his wife, Paula, came to Thailand with OMF in 1981 where they started church planting ministry with leprosy patients in Central Thailand.

In 1987 Larry transitioned into a Bible teaching ministry at the Bangkok Bible College and Seminary where he served as Academic Dean and Dean of the Seminary. In 1995 finished classwork for a PhD at Biola University which allowed his family to move to Northern Thailand to start a TEE program.

Larry acted as director of the newly formed Chiang Mai Theological Seminary in 2000 before the family evacuated Thailand in 2002 due to a diagnosis of cancer in Paula’s bone marrow. After nine years of treatment, Paula’s struggle with cancer ended and she went into the Lord’s presence.

Larry has returned to Thailand to resume a ministry of Bible teaching, oral Bible story telling, counseling and mentoring.

Some of Larry’s articles, videos and audio recordings ….