Dinkins Master Blog List

Dr. Larry Dinkins has written a number of blogs and papers for the OMF Thailand website and together with other websites. These articles contain interesting observations and inspiring real world stories about practical ways to share the Good News in Thailand. Below is a collected list of Larry’s blogs and papers. Follow the links and be encouraged …

Anti-Cheating Hats – November 25, 2022
A university professor in Thailand decided to reduce cheating in her class by requiring all students to wear “anti-cheating hats”, affectionately called “blinkers”.

An A to Z of Missionary Life – January 19, 2022
‘A to Z’ of fundamental traits that can contribute to a successful missionary career.

Wearing Masks in Thailand – May 10, 2021
Most all of us have been wearing masks for up to three years and have heard lots of discussion on the relative benefits of mask-wearing as well as the differences in cloth, paper, N-95 and surgical masks.

Meeting Together? – March 18, 2021
Myself and millions of other believers around the world experienced unprecedented disruptions to our usual Sunday worship due to Covid. What should our attitude be to meeting together or going online?

An Added Benefit of Missionary Life – February 22, 2021
“The average U.S. household has 300,000 things, from paper clips to ironing boards. U.S. children make up 3.7% of the children on the planet but have 47% of all the toys and children’s books.” How should this effect our view of material things?

Place of the Greek Language in Bible Education in Thailand – November 12, 2020
“Studying the Bible in English is like watching television in black and white. Studying the Bible in the original languages is like watching television in color.”

Bridges to the Gospel – November 5, 2020
Jesus is our best example of building bridges of love to people.

A Landmark Hymn in CIM/OMF – October 29, 2020
There are two hymns that are invariably sung at official OMF functions including our Thailand field conference: Jehovah Jireh is His Name and How good is the God We Adore.

Exponential Growth of the Church and the Corona Virus/strong> – October 22, 2020
Throughout the covid crisis I was amazed to see the profound increases in some countries. This phenomenon is called exponential growth.

Justice For the Vulnerable – July 16, 2020
The corona pandemic and justice issues for the vulnerable are two issues that have taken front stage globally over the past few years.

Pandemics and Dr. Mo Bradley – June 3, 2020
We have had similar pandemics in the past, especially the Spanish flu of 1918-20 which infected 500 million people. Dr. Mo Bradley encountered a very early pandemic – smallpox.

Bats, Cats, Rats and COVID-19 ~ a Missionary’s Perspective – May 18, 2020
This blog investigates the Covid pandemic and connections to unclean animals mentioned in Old Testament – Bats, Cats, Rats and Covid.

Orality Praxis in Discipleship and Church Planting – April 21, 2020
Larry Dinkins shares a personal journey from use of an analytical, literate text paradigm to an oral approach.

Resources for Gospel Storytelling – April 14, 2020

Our World Post Covid – 19 – April 9, 2020
If you asked people to define “pandemic” a a couple of years ago most all would have struggled, but now everyone seems to understand how a disease can spread quickly to an entire nation and even world. But what will our post covid world look like?

Missionary Fails to Future Minister – February 10, 2020
If you search the word “Fail” using Youtube, you will generate literally 100s of clips and millions of hits. If they had Youtube in Bible times they could have videoed numerous fails by some very famous patriarchs, judges, kings and prophets. Today we need a Youtube channel for missionary “Fails”.

Bowing in Thailand – November 8, 2019
A few years ago, a group of women on a short-term mission trip from the states came to a Thai temple and to the horror of their host began to hug some of the child novices! This underlines the steep learning curve new missionaries must climb as they navigate the various protocols within Thai culture, especially the “wai”.

A Lottery and a Call to Missions ????? – August 1, 2019
Impact of the vietnam lottery for the military draft in Larry Dinkins’ journey to serving the Lord.

Taking Road Measurements – May 7, 2019
If you ride a motorcycle often, you get used to this question: “Have you ever had to ‘lay it down’”? Invariably the seasoned biker has had at least one occassion where he or she has had to jettison the bike in a crash.

Easter in Thailand – April 21, 2019
Each Easter at my Thai church, I give an oral presentation from memory of 11 Gospel stories starting with the Triumphal Entry and ending with the Appearance of Christ on the Emmaus road.

April foolsday in Thailand – April 10, 2019
April 1st is a serious day to reflect on King Rama V (Chulalongkorn) who on April 1, 1905 freed all of the slaves in Thailand.

Fanning the Flame – February 26, 2019
Recently I have sat with a number of missionaries who have had to leave their mission station unexpectedly due to persecution by government officials and found a number of implications from this persecution.

Taking a Sabbath at the Pines – January 31, 2019
Missionaries find it very difficult to get proper rest and relaxing on our mission stations and so need a place to have a sabbath rest.

Born Once, Die Twice: Born Twice, Die Once – January 15, 2019
Spiritual illustration of the process of metamorphosis from a “dead” caterpillar that is transformed and in effect “born again” compared to a believers conversion process.

Inherent Risk – December 18, 2018
Missionary life is taking a calulated risked based on the promises of God.

Preach Pray or Die – December 11, 2018
“You need to be able to preach, pray or die at a moments notice,” was a phrase I heard while training in seminary and was evident during my missionary career.

Adventures in Teaching – November 13, 2018
Lessons I learned through teaching a class on the Psalms to the Thai.

Thai Cave Rescue – Adun Samon – September 11, 2018
Description of one the most heroic rescues in recent years as well as a powerful testimony by a teenager who was rescued.

Opening the Ears of the Thai – August 21, 2018
Barbers not only cut your hair in Thailand but may clean your ears!

Lessons from the Rescue of the Thai Soccer Team – July 12, 2018
Further lessons from one of the greatest rescue stories.

Thai Soccer Team Lost, Found! … and Rescued? – July 4, 2018
The Thai soccer team was found after 9 days but would they be rescued in time?

More Women in Thai Church – May 15, 2018
Why are there so many women in Thai churches?

Walking Through the Bible – May 1, 2018
One Thai leader admitted, “Thai Christians are unable to put events in the Bible into any sort of a timeline. This affects negatively their ability to understand both sermons and in their own personal study.” Walk Thru the Bible helps correct this weakness.

Billy Graham and Urbana – March 20, 2018
Urbana is a tri-annual conference, which has had up to 17,000 young people attend.

The Challenge of Language Learning – January 29, 2018
The first thing a new missionary needs to master is language and in turn cultural understanding.

Aliens and Strangers in Thailand – November 27, 2017
Since my marriage in 1978 I have lived in 30+ houses and have learned that “this world is not my home.”

600 Words Well Spoken – October 24, 2017
Readers Digest material bases on 600 words, so all you need is to use the 600 well!

Missionaries with Tattoos – September 26, 2017
In Thailand is the number of missionaries sport a distinct “tattoo” half way up the calf of their leg.

Treats and the Gospel – August 1, 2017
Thai are like cows in that they “graze” all day.

Two god Village – July 4, 2017
A temple in a Thai village that has two Buddhist images made out of different metals  and thus call it “Two god Village.”

Church Members Say the Darndest Things to Their Missionaries – June 7, 2017
Growing up, Larry I enjoyed a TV program called, “Kid’s Say the Darndest Things” hosted by Art Linkletter. Now decades later he reflects on things that have been said to missionaries.

Blood Sacrifice and Strawberry Fanta – May 24, 2017
Thai magazine had an article called, “In Thailand, blood sacrifice is out, Strawberry Fanta is in.”

Roti with a Side Order of Bible – February 14, 2017
Conversation in a Roti shop run by a young Muslim man in Phuket.

Thanksgiving/Harvest Sunday -December 13, 2016
On Thanksgiving I decided to preach on Luke 17:11-19, the 10 Lepers Story.

Everyday Stories – September 13, 2016
Divine appointments during a significant day of telling Bible stories on the street.

Ben-Hur, a Reflection on the Novel and Upcoming Movie – August 5, 2016
The original classic version came out in 1959 but a new version has been released.

Operation Auca (January 8, 1956) – Sixty Years Later – January 7, 2016
The five Auca martyrs have much to teach us.

No Bible, No Breakfast! – December 30, 2015
My mentor, Dr. Breidenthal (60 years in Thailand) has coined a phrased used by thousands of Thai believers.

7 Reasons for Christians to Retire in Thailand – October 2, 2015
Reasons to consider retiring in Thailand

Shattered! Bangkok Explosion – August 20, 2015
The heart of the tourist district near the Erawan Shrine in Bangkok was rocked by a horrific explosion which killed 20 (including foreign tourists) and injured 125 people.

Shattered! – August 19, 2015
Experiences of terrorism in Yala, South Thailand.

The Power of Story Telling – June 2, 2015
Surprising story telling opportunities in Mukdahan province of Northeast Thailand.

Once in a Blue Moon Bible – April 23, 2013
There are scores of quiet time books which stress making Bible reading a daily habit: Daily Bread, Daily Light, Daily Guideposts, and a huge variety of other Daily devotional aids for every age group.

The Power of “Group Think” – June 6, 2012
Larry reflects on 10 days of silently reading portions of the book of Acts for 30 minutes and then discussing them in a group for another 30 minutes.

The Surprising Power of Bible Narrative with Thai & Tribals – February 28, 2012
The Surprising Power of Bible Narrative with Thai and Tribals

Preaching for Life Change – August 8, 2011
A group of mission trainers were asked to brain storm concerning the “ideal” cross-cultural church planter.

Towards Contextualized Creeds
Creeds of the church have been used since the early church and need to be adjusted for use today.

Story Telling at Bangkok Bible Seminary
Full model of a Bible story telling session demonstrated at Bangkok Bible Seminary

Voting for a Sermon
Unique approach to introducing a sermon – let the congregation decide what you will preach!

Four Encounters – Four Stories
In one day Larry Dinkins has four divine appointments to tell Bible stories.

The Power of Oral Bible Story Telling
Jesus was the master oral communicator of all time and used a variety of methods, but emphasized story telling.

The Suprising Power of Bible Narrative with Thai and Tribals
How the Thai are responding to oral Bible story telling in surprising ways.

Preacing for Life Change
What do you want to see happen in the heart and minds of your listeners after a sermon?

Book Review: “From Buddha to Jesus” by Steve Cioccalanti
An insider’s view of Buddhism and how to reach the Thai in a contextualized way.

If I Had To Do It All Over Again
Larry Dinkins looks back on his missionary career and reflects on what could have been done differently.

Operation Auca Thirty Years Later (PDF)

Naked and You Clothed Me – J.O. Sanders gives Larry the shirt off his back (PDF)

Timothy Dinkins Boarding School Letter (PDF)

Pinocchio and Sending Your Oldest to Boarding School (PDF)

Layman’s Bible Study Notebook Reviewed (PDF)

Missionary Mythology and Typology (PDF)