Dallas Theological Seminary Lectures by Larry Dinkins

Dr. Larry Dinkins spoke on orality and story telling at the Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS) a few years ago. In his lectures, Larry gave a theological and biblical basis for storying. The first lecture deals with primary orality – learners who are non-literate. The second lecture deals with secondary orality – learners who are literate but prefer not read. Lectures three and four use aspects of the Simply the Story method as a basic pattern of how to practically present Bible stories.

The Dinkins Dallas Theological Seminary lectures can be downloaded here :

Lecture 1 – Primary Orality : DTS-WEC-2009-OMF-01.mp3 (17 Mb, 47 min)
Lecture 2 – Secondary Orality : DTS-WEC-2009-OMF-02.mp3 (16 Mb, 43 min)
Lecture 3 – Practical Storying 1 : DTS-WEC-2009-OMF-03.mp3 (15 Mb, 42 min)
Lecture 4 – Practical Storying 2 : DTS-WEC-2009-OMF-04.mp3 (16 Mb, 44 min)

Simply ‘right-click’ on the link and then ‘Save As …’ on your computer.

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