New Additions to the Dinkins Collection

We’ve just added several new items to the Dinkins Collection, a collection of blog posts, videos and other material by Dr. Larry Dinkins who is working with OMF and the Chiang Mai Theological Seminary in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The first item is a new blog posts titled “More Women in Thai Church”. Larry comments in the blog post on the high ratio of women to men in Thai churches and offers several observations on why. The blog posts starts out : “I just spoke at a church camp for 70 Thai people. I counted only 11 males which works out to a 1 to 7 ratio. On a regular Sunday, this church has a higher ratio of males to females, but overall the predominance of women in Thai churches is a well known fact.” Follow this link  to read the rest of Larry’s blog post found on the OMF Thailand web site.

The second is a .pdf file titled “180508.Easter Story and Hot Cross Muffin Story.pdf”. This file contains two stories in Thai. Follow this link  to read the stories.

The third entry is a 7 minute video where Larry humorously describes the first time he tried to tell a Bible story in front of an audience using the Simply the Story method. Suffice it say that the outcome was not one that Larry expected. Follow this link to watch Larry’s video.

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