Heart Pocket Podcast Interviews with Dr. Larry Dinkins

Dr. Larry Dinkins recently recorded three interviews on “Heart Pocket Podcasts”. They cover three orality subjects: 1) HPP0037 (STS in Thailand), 2) HPP0038 (Experience of doing 40 Bible stories on site in Israel) and 3) HPP0039 (Importance of Chronological Meta-narrative teaching using Walk Thru the Bible Seminars). A synopsis of each podcast along with a link to the .mp3 audio file is given below.

HPP0037 Part 1, Dr. Larry Dinkins – June 25, 2019

Dr. Dinkins was challenged when he moved to Thailand to discover a way that would reach the widest possible range of people. Through a Thai leader he discovered Simply The Story and effectively had his ministry radically changed. Hear how stories from God’s Word are dramatically reaching the Thai. Note how Bible story discussion works even in a culture that is known for being more reserved. (18 min) – Audio Link

HPP0038 Dr. Larry Dinkins shares how Simply The Story is being used in Thailand and in his personal ministry. – July 2, 2019

Dr. Dinkins recently visited Israel where he told 40 different stories at or near the places where they actually happened. Doing these stories in both English and Thai really opened up some different ways of understanding the stories. Being able to see the topography and the geographical highlights of the region was truly life changing for Larry. (19 min) – Audio Link

HPP0039 Dr. Larry Dinkins, Simply The Story, and Walk Thru the Bible Heart Pocket Podcast – July 9, 2019

In this final broadcast, Dr. Dinkins shares the importance of context in understanding a Bible story. Just as God’s Story is foundational to STS, knowing where other events in Scripture takes place enhances a persons ability to better comprehend the stories in God’s Word. Larry has found that Walk Thru the Bible is a great partnering ministry when telling Bible stories. (19 min) – Audio Link

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